Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1.     Why are the rates of Best Sites so much lower than those of competitors?

2.     Does lower price mean that quality is compromised?

3.    In what format will I receive my digital images?

4.     How long does it take to get my pictures?

5.     Can I copy or enlarge your photos without permission?

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Q.     Why are the rates of Best Sites much lower than your competitors?

A.  Best Sites is dedicated to keeping aerial photo prices low.  In fact, our prices are so low that on occasion, competitors have called us to.....well, uh....let's say, "encourage" us to raise them.  We're pretty confident that you won't find lower rates for similar services and credentials anywhere in NE Ohio.   And if you're shopping around, be sure to ask others about any "hidden" costs like fees charged for the right to copy your pictures or the requirement that you buy your prints exclusively from them at inflated prices.    We rarely copyright our photos and always offer you the option of obtaining your own prints and enlargements at more favorable prices.

We have some other unique advantages to keeping our prices low.  Unlike some, Best Sites owns and operates its own aircraft.  We do not have the added expense or schedule constraints of renting planes and engaging pilots to conduct our photo missions.   Our aerial photo business is operated as an adjunct to our profitable core business (commercial real estate services).   As such, we are happy to make only a modest profit and keep the business utilization of our company airplane at a sufficient level.

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Q. Does lower price mean that quality is compromised?

A. We make sure that every customer is satisfied.  If not, you don't pay -- it's that simple.  In over 30 years of taking aerial pictures, we've probably only encountered one grumpy old man who asked for his money back -- and it was promptly refunded.  The important issue with customer satisfaction is first understanding the intended use for your photos and then making sure we can perform relative to your customer's needs.  We will be up front with you and if you're honest with us about the use and we feel that we can't deliver the level of resolution you need for instance, we'll tell you so.  We would prefer to turn you down rather then let you down.  

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In what format will I receive my digital images?

A.  We typically send your digital images in JPEG file format.  JPEG files can be sent directly to online photo printing companies (like Walgreens, Walmart, etc.). These files can be opened by virtually all types of photo software and they can be easily inserted into your desktop publishing applications, Power Point [R] presentations, and word processing documents.  Should you require your images in another format  (GIF, TIFF, etc), please advise us upon ordering and we can convert them for you.  In most cases we also send you a slide show of your images in PDF format which is a smaller file that can be easily shared via e-mail. 

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Q. How long does it take to get my pictures?

A.  Once again, we have an advantage in that we don't have to book a plane or pilot -- we have our own.   In the very best of circumstances we can take pictures the same day you order them and have them out to you the next day.    More typical is a 5-7 day turnaround from your order date.   There are times when 2-3 weeks may be necessary to fill an order.    Other factors are involved -- the most significant being weather.   Naturally, minimum visibility and cloud heights are necessary to take good aerial pictures.  Some days, although the sky appears beautiful it may also be windy and the ride aloft may be too bumpy to adequately steady a camera in flight.  In summer, a haze layer that may not look too bad when viewed from the ground may obscure the photo when looking at an angle through a few thousand feet of the murky stuff.  In short, giving us a greater lead time provides us the best chance to deliver you the highest quality at the lowest prices.  


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Q. Can I copy or enlarge your photos without permission?

A. For the convenience of our customers and to offer the best value and flexibility, Best Sites does not typically place Copyrights on its pictures nor do we charge you a fee for waiving the Copyright.   Many competitors do both.  If you choose another company, be sure to understand and clarify this important cost factor in advance if you intend to use the pictures in a fashion that may conflict with the copyright.   Most photo printing services will not print a copyrighted image file without the release by the owner of the Copyright.

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