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Below are fairly reliable "ESTIMATES" of what your work will cost.  Many Factors may affect your Final Pricing

"Standard AERIAL PHOTO PACKAGE" - only $285.00  

A popular choice for Construction progress documentation, website photos, flyer photos, real estate marketing,

business site location evaluation, legal / litigation use, lender appraisals, traffic analysis, etc.  

Price includes the photography flight and 10-20 digital images of your site.  

Images will be delivered to you in two ways –

(1) via e-mail in an easily shared PDF Slide-Show File format; and

(2) your higher resolution individual JPEG image files will be

made available via a secure private download link over the Internet. 

View our base price service area map -

Sites more distant than 75 miles from Akron OH may carry a time/distance surcharge quoted in advance

Multiple-Site Discounts    

Reduced Charges offered to customers with multiple aerial photo sites that are ordered simultaneously and all taken on the same flight

Second Photo Site -- Same day / Same Geographic Area
( located within 10 miles of the initial site)

Save $45.00

 off the regular price of 2nd site

Three or more sites -- Same day / Same Geographic Area
(located within 10 miles of prior site)

Save $60.00 each

off the regular  price of the 3rd and subsequent sites


Customers requiring repeat visits to the same site

(such as Construction Progress Documentation)..... 

Please contact us for special pricing quotations.


Color PRINTS 8"x10"  (Each)


Color PRINTS 16"x20"  (Each)


Color PRINTS  20"x30" (Each - Allow up to 7 days additional processing time)


Text  Overlays, Photo Labeling, Image Enhancements, and other services available on Quotation basis.

Our LOWEST Quoted Rates above include costs of airplane, pilot, and photographer services to / from sites

in and around the NE OHIO cities such as Cleveland / Akron / Canton / Youngstown, Ohio.    

We also service sites within 150-200 miles of Akron, Ohio at very reasonable rates.  ASK US !!
Or we can utilize our national network of established aerial photographer contacts to service your more distant locations.   Please ask for quotes.

Sites located more than 75 miles one-way from Akron OH  will carry a fuel surcharge of $1.75 for each additional one-way mile added to our standard prices.
Example --  A site located 100 miles from Akron will add 25 extra miles (100 miles minus 75 allowed miles   included  times $1.75 ..Adding $43.75 to the total.
This charge will ALWAYS be disclosed to you in advance.

Prices effective April 1, 2017 and subject to change.
Excluded from prices are Ohio Sales Tax where applicable + expenses that may be associated with overnight delivery, rush orders, or special handling charges.


Best Sites strives to satisfy each customer's special needs and deadlines as promised., Aerial photography is dependent upon weather & visibility conditions, air-traffic control implications and proper time-of-day scheduling for best lighting. Such elements are not always in our control, and may affect our ability to achieve specific delivery goals. We will make every effort to satisfy your requirements and advise you if conditions do not permit us to do so. In general, greater lead time improves the chances of getting the best results.